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We have a shared belief that entrepreneurship can change the trajectory of families, communities, and the world. We also believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to bring an idea to life, to rise or fall on the merits and the value that is created. The statistics show that far too few Black-founded and led businesses benefit from the catalysts of venture funding. We want your help to begin changing this.

Named prizes and sponsors include:

  • $25,000 cash Finals Grand Prize sponsored by Visa
  • $25,000 value “MVP” prize package of brand/design/build services sponsored by Carimus
  • $15,000 Finals 1st Runner-up Prize (sponsored by Relias)
  • $15,000 special prize sponsored by Fidelity
  • $10,000 Finals 2nd Runner-up Prize sponsored by Corrum Capital
  • $5,000 Semi-finals winner prizes sponsored by Arctos Partners, General Motors, Landmark Partners, RTI International, Bank of America

Our valued sponsors include:

  • Richard Star, Kirsten Castillo Hall, TJ Chung

We welcome your direct financial support of this important event at any level. Please contact Stephen Fusi ( or Jamie Jones ( for more information.